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Easy Home Made Chicken Wings

Easy Home Made Chicken Wings

Easy Chicken Wings Method

Traditionally chicken wings can be found as a starter on pub and bistro menus. You can use them as a starter or snack at home, but they also make for a great meal too!

What you’ll need:

  • Chicken Wings / Chicken Nibbles, or if you are super hungry why not go the whole drumstick?!
  • Your favourite Chicken Rub
  • Your favourite Wing Sauce or Glaze
  • Meat Thermometer
  • 2x large bowls
  • An Oven, Air Fryer, BBQ or Smoker


  • Throw all chicken into a large bowl
  • Coat liberally with Chicken Rub
  • Place in pre heated Oven, Air Fryer, BBQ or Smoker and cook until internal temp reaches a minimum of 75degrees. (85 degrees is definitely better and safer).

Oven – 180 degrees celsius for approx. 25 mins

Air Fryer – 180 degrees celsius    and check after 18mins

BBQ – Same as oven and if you don’t have a temp gauge on your bbq use your thermometer.

Smoker – 120 degrees Celsius for 2hrs then finish off over heat to crisp.

  • Place all cooked chicken into a clean bowl and slather on your favourite sauce or glaze and swish around the bowl to coat evenly.
  • Now serve! Restaurant quality sticky chicken wings at home.

Hot Tip: get yourself some ranch or blue cheese dressing as a dipping sauce and serve with sliced carrot and celery sticks for that traditional feel. Or do like us and get your mash and veg on if you want a full meal.

For inspo - check out our You Tube video here

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