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Reverse Sear... What the heck is that?

Reverse Sear... What the heck is that?

Steak on the BBQ, crisped to black on the exterior, raw in the middle or just plain cremated? If cooking the perfect steak on the barbeque has been an elusive goal and something you've only heard about over the years, we've got something a bit different for you to try. It's called The Reverse Sear. 

First of all, you'll need to start with quality meat. Look for a steak that's at least a generous thumb width in height, skinny steaks are better left for your stroganoff, or guests you're not keen on having over again. A bit of marbling/fattiness through the meat is going to add generous amounts of flavour and juiciness. It will render down as the steak is being cooked so don't worry, you can still fit in the pav for dessert.

You're looking for meat that isn't bright red or pink in colour, rather a deep dark red. Generally means it's got a bit of age to it and you don't have to spend a fortune on 'Aged' meat. Alternatively buy your meat a few days before your bbq and let it sit in the fridge. Rule of thumb, when you go to cook it, it should still resemble something of a shade of red/brown. If it's going green, smells funky or walks itself out of the fridge, you've overdone it.

She'll be alright on the night! Start with cracking open a beverage then, oil, salt, pepper if you're stuck in your ways or get jiggy with it and try out one of those new fandangled rubs. They are the shit, stop being boring, just try one, trust us. And get it on the meat, all over, be generous with it. Let the meat sit and come to room temperature. Otherwise it's like taking the old Datsun on a cold frosty morning and expecting it to start without the choke. You ain't going no-where. Now you're ready to cook.

Guests are arriving/Family is asking when dinner will be ready, etc. But you're cool as cucumber. Charcoal or gas bbq's will do, just make sure it has a lid. Gas - Turn on one side of the grill, Charcoal - Put the preheated coals from the coal chimney to one side of the BBQ. When it's heated/ been running for a good 15mins, put the meat on the other side of the grill. Yes you read right... put the meat on the side of the grill that does not have the coals/gas burning directly below it. Now shut the lid. 

Probably going to take a good 15-20 mins, get stuck into your beverage while carefully but surreptitiously timing the cook. Simple so far right? Yeah, that's right, cooking like a pro right now. The other punters at the BBQ would never suspect..... Casually after 20 mins lift the lid and give the meat a prod. Is it jiggling like it's still raw? A gentle bounce for medium rare. If you have to make it a medium... give it a bit longer, but if it's got the gentle bounce and you love a medium rare, you're ready for the next step. Crank up the gas, move the meat over on top of the heat and sear that puppy! If you've got coals give them a rustle and stick the meat overtop of the coals to sear. Should only take you a couple of minutes each side. Then take the meat off the heat and sit it on a plate or chopping board, let the guests/family catch a glimpse of the perfection you have just created, keep them tantalised while it 'rests'. After 5-6 mins of 'resting' you are ready to slice and serve! now stand back and revel in the adoration  and accolades coming your way on how amazing the steak tastes (thanks to that new rub) and how perfectly it was cooked (thanks to you following this blog) calmly take a sip of your beverage, give a self deprecating shrug and tell them....

"It was simple, I'll show you sometime...."

 That my friends is the Reverse Sear.


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