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Taranaki's Award Winning Butcher

Taranaki's Award Winning Butcher

Here at The Kiwi Butcher Shop, our specialities are our Award Winning Small Goods and our Award Winning Bacon. We have a growing collection of medals and awards starting back way back in 2002, to show for it, that we are super proud of...

If you are a major sausage fiend, then the flavours to look out for are our Pure Pork Sausage which has taken out a Gold and two Silver Medals over the years, along with the Venison, Cracked Pepper & Worscestershire Sausage which has picked up a Silver and Bronze Medals.

Our Saveloys are our secret weapon! Two time Gold Medals Winners and if you are looking for a tasty quick heat and eat for the BBQ or Sausage Sizzles, then check out our meat filled BBQ precooked Sausage which is also a two time Silver Medallist. 

Our Bacon range has increased tenfold with what might be New Zealands widest range of Dry Cure Streaky Bacon flavours, including BBQ Bourbon, Sticky Maple, Cherry & Hickory, Sweet Double Smoke and the new Egmont Honey as well as our Gold Medal Winning Traditional Middle and Middle Eye Bacons.

Most recently we have grown our collection to include Award Winning Gourmet Burger Patties too with our delicious Pork and Mediterranean Candied Orange Pattie taking out a Gold in 2023.

Folks stop by from out of town to fill up their chilly bins with our snags, savs and bacon to take back home! So next time you are in town remember yours, or if you don't feel like waiting - head online to and order yours now!

Check out our full range of Medals below:

2023 - Great NZ Sausage Competition - Gold - Pork & Mediterranean Candied Orange Pattie

2023 - Great NZ Sausage Competition - Bronze - Lamb, Truffle & Parmesan

2023 - Great NZ Sausage Competition - Bronze - Tandoori Lamb 

2023 - Great NZ Sausage Competition - Silver - Brisket, Jalapeno & Cheddar 

2023 - NZ Pork, Bacon & Ham Awards - Gold - Traditional Middle Bacon

2022 - Great NZ Sausage Competition - Bronze - Venison Cracked Pepper & Worcestershire 

2022 - NZ Pork, Bacon & Ham Awards - Gold - Middle Eye Bacon

2021 - Competitions postponed this year due to COVID

2020 - Great NZ Sausage Competition - Gold - Saveloy

2020 - Great NZ Sausage Competition - Silver - Venison, Cracked Pepper & Worcestershire 

2019 - Devro Great NZ Sausage Competition - Silver - Smokey Bacon & Maple 

2018 - Devro Great NZ Sausage Competition - Silver - Pure Pork Sausage

2018 - NZ Pork, Bacon & Ham Awards - Bronze - Dry Cure Streaky Bacon

2018 - NZ Pork, Bacon & Ham Awards - Bronze - Traditional Middle Bacon

2015 - Devro Great NZ Sausage Competition - Gold - Saveloy

2015 - Devro Great NZ Sausage Competition - Silver - Precook BBQ Sausage

2010 - Devro Great NZ Sausage Competition - Silver - Precook BBQ Sausage

2005 - Devro Great NZ Sausage Competition - Gold - Pure Pork Sausage

2004 - Devro Great NZ Sausage Competition - Silver - Pure Pork Sausage

2002 - Devro Great NZ Sausage Competition - Silver - Precook BBQ Sausage (Under Martins Butchery - Before our name change.)

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