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NZ Pork, Bacon & Ham Awards

Us butchers spend years tinkering and trying to perfect the perfect recipe and technique to create our masterpieces. Bacon isn't just bacon, it's dry cure, honey cure, it's natural, it's smoked - Which smoke? Manuka? Hickory?, it's raw, it's salty, it's sweet. And the different styles, Middle Eye, Middle, Streaky. If you hunt around the different butcheries you'll find it's hard to pick just which one is your favourite!

To make your job easier, once a year the judges gather at the NZ Pork, Ham and Bacon Awards, (We wait with baited breath), while they taste and deliberate and award points to each of our entries. At the end of it all, the scores are tallied and if you ranked high enough, Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals are awarded or if you're unlucky... it's back to the butchery to tinker some more!

In 2018 their were over 400 entries from up and down New Zealand. We entered our Dry Cure Streaky and Traditional Middle Bacons and came away with Bronze Medals. Our Bacon is so popular now, we have to make double what we used to, in order to keep up with the demand. 

So next time you're tucking into bacon and eggs or lambs fry and bacon, we hope you enjoy every mouthful of the bacon that our butchers passion and skill have created. And if you haven't tried it yet, you need to move on out from under that rock and pay us a visit!