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Quick Meat for the Week - 3 to 4 People


Quick Meat for the Week has been devised to make cooking dinner super quick and easy and to cater to your household's hunger needs. 

Some households have growing families and/or flatmates with hollow legs! And some house holds have little people that don't eat much yet, so pick the amount of meat that's right for your needs.

This pack is designed for household's of 3-4 people to make 5 nights of meals and you should still have enough for some lunch leftovers the next day.  

Premium meat is prepared and trimmed by our butchers, ready to throw in your pan, wok or cooker. All you will need to do is add in your favourites sauces and vegetables, then organise your mash, roasties, pasta, rice or garlic bread, to make some bang up meals!

This pack contains:

1x 750g Pack Premium Beef Mince

1x 750g Pack Diced Chicken

1x 750g Pack Beef Stirfry

1x 750g Value Pack Middle Bacon

1x 750g Pack Diced Pork

4x 200g Rump Steaks.

That's 5 nights of dinners sorted for the week