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Time Saving Dinner Ideas

Time Saving Dinner Ideas

Let’s face it, life today is a helter skelter of getting ready, getting the kids ready, getting to school drop off in time, getting to work on time, a long list of errands that need doing during your lunch break, chores that need completing, appointments to be made to at precise timings and you should probably remember to leave a gap to stop for petrol! Exhausted yet?

We are, just thinking about it!

Then after a long day at work and running around, it’s dinner time. Any energy left to get creative and think about what’s for dinner? ‘Time Poor’ is a real thing and in some cases an understatement.

That’s where we come in…. We have started creating a range of delicious goodies for your dinner where all the hard work is already done. It’s either been cut, marinaded, wrapped or stuffed and it’s ready to go in the pan, oven or air fryer when it gets home with you.

There are Pork Fillets, stuffed with cream cheese, spinach and apricots, wrapped in bacon. Chicken Pastry Baskets, filled with smoked chicken, brie and cranberry. Lamb Envelopes, a pastry parcel with a centre of lamb mince, feta, spinach and pesto. Pork Belly wrapped into scrolls with sage and apple stuffing. And all different types of meat kebabs.

These are a few of the new easy dinners we have on offer.…. Are you tempted?

Any of these paired with a salad and some garlic bread, cob of corn, or boiled new potatoes make for a nice easy meal. Little to no prep time and you could even get changed and showered while it cooks.

Next up will be a new range of winter goodies, so come on in and see what’s new on the shelves and stay tuned for our upcoming winter range of easy dinner ideas that save you time.

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