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Getting Judgy About BBQ

Getting Judgy About BBQ

Hear from Luke Seeney - Head Judge of NZ BBQ Alliance, about what you should look for when you judge BBQ.

Luke is one of the organisers of a little Meat show which you may have heard of ... Meat Stock!

You don't need to be experienced to judge; they will teach you on the day. The hardest part is not to eat it all! Meat sweats are real, not just a myth!

Click below and find out if you have a new career in being meat judgy.

How good would that job be!


Here's what Luke has to say:

Without Judges, we wouldn't have a competitive barbecue in New Zealand.
Being a judge comes with great responsibility as the teams entrust you with providing the scores that make or break their weekend.

We look for people from all walks of life to be judges, so you don't need to be a professional food critic or a head chef. You need to have a passion for barbecue and a willingness to sample multiple portions of protein.

You will be tasked to score the team's boxes across appearance, taste and texture with full training provided on the day.

Luke Seeney - Head Judge of NZ BBQ Alliance

So, do you think you've got what it takes to get judgy about BBQ??





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