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We Won Gold!

We Won Gold!

Bacon is more than just a breakfast staple to us Kiwis. Bacon goes on and in BLTs, burgers, butty’s, pizzas, salads, pies, pancakes, pasta dishes, savoury muffins, and scones, to name a few things….

Bacon makes everything better!

We’ve even made Bourbon Bacon Brittle with our Dry Cure Streaky BBQ Bourbon Bacon, which was delicious! Just enough saltiness but not too much and a smooth hint of smokiness, and when you put it in the pan… it smells like pure heaven.

Every year we challenge ourselves against the best in the Meat Business; we enter the NZ Sausages Awards and NZ Bacon & Ham Awards whenever we can. With Covid interrupting gatherings over the past couple of years, some of these events were put on hold. This year, however, saw us enter our Bacons – Our previous Awards were for our Dry Cure Streaky Bacon and Traditional Middle Bacons. Funnily enough, last time, we didn’t put our Middle Eye Bacon forward for judging… maybe we should have!


This time around, we were lucky enough to walk away with a Gold Medal for our Middle Eye Bacon in some esteemed company. It makes us proud to represent the Taranaki region against some of the big producers in the bacon game.
It wasn’t quite the night we were expecting, but one we were happy to be walking away from afterwards, with an award under one arm and… on our own two feet.



Have a read of the whole article here for more details about a double decker bus vs Uber incident on the way to the awards ...

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