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Low n Slow BBQ in Taranaki

Low n Slow BBQ in Taranaki

There’s a strong following here in Taranaki of the Low n Slow style of BBQ. Some have been at it for a few years now while others are just purchasing their first racks of Swift St Louis style ribs.

Traditionally the good old Kiwi BBQ generally consists of a mix of sausages, marinated tenderized steak, chicken kebabs and lamb shoulder chops (preferably the minted ones!) over your gas grill. 

Low n slow BBQNowadays there are Webers (gas and charcoal), Green Egg, and Kamado charcoal kettles, Traeger and Master built pellet grills for the beginners, Oklahoma Jo and Octopit offset smokers for those fully committed to the hobby/BBQ style that is low n slow BBQ. Nowadays our BBQ’s are offering up some exciting new dishes and flavours starting with Chicken Wings/Nibbles, Lamb Spare Ribs as appetisers, then moving on to St Louis Style Racks of pork ribs, beef short ribs, slices of smokey seasoned brisket which are great with mash and gravy.

For others BBQ night is burger night with pulled pork from Boston butts, pulled beef from beef cheeks and oyster blades which then turns into taco night, tasty pies or pizza night with the leftovers.

With one cook, you make enough for 2-3 meals during the week. You don’t need the big expensive BBQ’s to start with, we started off slow with our baby weber, some meat rubs and sauces which we stocked instore and a recipe of instructions which we also have printed out for free instore or you can find on our other blogs. The Meat Rubs are integral to the seasoning and flavours that are produced, and even work in the oven should you not have a BBQ yet.

Low n Slow BBQ

There’s a massive range to choose from starting with our personal favourite, The Four Saucemen, which is NZ made and has a range of delicious flavours which start at garlic and butter - The White Rub, cracked pepper and onion – The Beef Rub, The Black Truffle Rub, Jalapeno and Sweet Orange Rub, Savoury Umami - The Rub and then moves into moorish finishing glazes – The Rib Glaze and The Spiced Rum Rib Glaze. Using these types of seasonings on your steak, pork, chicken, lamb, fish, seafood, venison and beef just elevates your cook to an entirely different level.

Really simple and yet makes the world of difference. But don’t stop there – Black Truffle Rub sprinkled through your mash potato, sprinkled on top of hearty pumpkin soup, or on top creamy pasta carbonara… If you are starting to catch our drift, Meat Rubs are incredibly versatile and can be used in multiple ways to make your food sing! Heck, get that Beef Rub on your Sunday roast!

So if you are interested in lifting your BBQ game or even just trying something new, come in and have a chat with Jamie, Stephen or Amber about how to get started. Jamie competes with our local Low n Slow hero Craig Leathley from Smok’n Comrades who has mastered the art of Low n Slow and competes on the national Jack Daniels Low n Slow BBQ Circuit.

Low n Slow BBQ

So if you are already well into the game, Jamie is your guy especially if you are looking for a custom cut. We have recipes, locally sourced fruit woods & chunks for smoking, charcoal, thermometers, meats that can also be custom cut for your cook and Taranaki’s largest range of Rubs and Sauces. The Four Saucemen, Rum & Que, Four Monkeys, Sucklebusters, Raptor Rubs, Stef the Maori, TEXANZ, Croix Valley, BBQ Pitt Boys, Smokey T’s, Loot N Booty, Butcher’s Axe and that’s just naming a few.

Jump on to the NZ BBQ Alliance page on facebook or follow our local team Smok’n Comrades for more insights and to see what you too could be cooking!

Cheers to King of the Mountain and Smokn Comrades for the awesome images we used in this blog.

Happy Queuing!

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